Lake Waccamaw

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Clubs in District 7710 (and others in eastern North Carolina as well) have a long history of supporting the Boys and Girls Home at Lake Waccamaw. Support has included the building and equipping of the Rotary House residence and much more.


The students are housed in the Triangle and offered a wide range of tours, visits, and in-depth conversations to broaden their horizons and introduce them to a variety of educational and career options.


In 2011, our Club accepted responsibility for hosting a small group of senior girls for a day. On a Monday, they came to our noon meeting and then visited various sites in the downtown area - Fayetteville Street, Downtown History Museum, Capitol, Natural Science Museum, History Museum, and rode the full circuit on the R.


In 2012 our Club were committed to two days in June to host a group of six senior boys. Besides inviting them to lunch and our meeting on Monday, the club arranged opportunities for them individually to meet with Club members in order to be exposed and learn more in fields of expressed interests, such as -

• Politics and public service

• Sports management and coaching

• Mechanical design and engineering

• Animation design

• Medical practice and health care


This is always as rewarding of an experience for our members as it is for the students, and we look forward to continuing being of service.


Rotary Cottage at Boys and Girls Home at Lake Waccamaw