Rear Admiral Benny Suggs (USN Retired)

An exciting speaker, Adm. Suggs recaps his journey as young man from Whiteville, NC to N.C. State - Graduate 1969, to Navy Fighter Pilot, to Captian of the aircraft carrier USS America, to General Manager of the Harley Davidson - Owners Group and Riders services and then back to N.C.State - Wolfpack as Director of Alumni Association.


Rear Admiral Benny Suggs shared leadership insights drawn from a very successful career in the Navy, Harley Davidson and NSCU Hugh Shelton Leadership program.   He outlined five essential Leadership characteristics.

  1. Vision – A leader must be able to articulate the vision and assume ownership for the successful execution of the vision.

  2. Passion – A leader must strongly believe in their in their vision and goals with a focus on achieving them.

  3. Determination – A leader must be completely committed in leading their organization to success.

  4. Sense of humor – A leader must possess a sense of humor with an ability to laugh at himself or herself.   This will help keep the leader grounded and focused on reality.

  5. Heart – A leader must have compassion and empathy for others