"Update on the Global TransPark"
Oct 22, 2018
Allen Thomas, Executive Dir of NC Global TransPark
"Update on the Global TransPark"

Allen Thomas has a long history of service in eastern North Carolina including extensive experience in both the public and private sector. He most recently served for three-terms as mayor of the city of Greenville before becoming executive director of the North Carolina Global TransPark in June 2017.

With the rise of mobile technology in the 1990s, Thomas co-founded IQMax Healthcare Technologies, the first platform to enable doctors and medical professionals to securely manage their daily medical workflow by linking and interfacing multiple facilities through their mobile phones and smart devices.

While mayor of Greenville, Thomas launched Greenville's first office of economic development cohesive business strategy which resulted in more than $850 million in new development, jobs and public-private partnerships in a 36-month period and completely transformed commercial corridors and revitalized the city's center and riverfront.

Taking a regional approach, he helped lead in the creation of Quad East, an alliance of Eastern North Carolina cities and counties working together to leverage financial, corporate and transportation assets to form an economic cluster for future development.

Thomas also worked with North Carolina leaders, lawmakers and state government to close decades-old lingering transportation issues in eastern North Carolina. This included restoring $258 million in funding and construction of the Greenville Southwest Bypass and securing federal future interstate status (I-587) for U.S. Highway 264. The result: Better connecting eastern North Carolina to the national ground transportation grid.