Who’s Going to Atlanta?

We know that several members (and their spouses) are already registered to attend the Rotary International Conference from June 10-14, 2017.  John Brothers made the excellent suggestion that we should know all the members in our Club who are going, so we are asking you to tell Linda  if you are registered.  Rotary cannot give us that information for privacy reasons, so we need to compile it ourselves.  The more who go, the more fun we will have, and the more we will learn!  So far, here is who we know is going, and we feel sure that we have more registered: 
Terry & Sarah ReevesCindy & David Roberts
Nancy and John BrothersPam and Randy Fraser
Frank & Debbie McNally
Mary and Bill Moss
Bill Rohrer
Rusine and Dick Sinclair
Kevin Sommers
Bill and Sally McLaurin
Dana Johnson
Reagan and Ardath Weaver
Carl Davis